Our Approach

Normally this kind of page is labelled "Our philosophy" but that sounded too pretentious. At any rate, the approach we take to our products is very much rooted in practicality and a personal desire to only make and sell items that we would personally use in our everyday fetish life. 

We love bondage...extreme bondage...inescapable bondage. If it doesn't lock on then we probably don't want to wear it or put it on someone else (unless it doesn't lock for a very good reason). That means that every product we sell has to be good enough for our play. If we know we can get out of the bondage then it is not really bondage at all.

This philosophy (see, there's that word again) underpins and guides what we do and, unless a product meets our very high personal standards, then it is not good enough to be on our store, and especially not good enough to be out there in the world.

If you buy an item from us and it doesn't meet your expectations, please let us know and we will make it right.